As with any great project, it is only successful if people know and tell others about it!

Fiona is driven to get the message of this project out there, however even her highly driven determination alone will not be enough to succeed! There are many way you can help us to reach out to ensure this app is making the biggest impact this Christmas!

Like and Share our facebook page!

Facebook is a great tool to spread the good news, please help us by sharing this project with your friends and family on facebook!

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Tell others about us in person

This is always the best way and so easily at church or at the school gates!

Why not refresh your mind on our goals on our vision and purpose page first

Ask for one of our church packs

We have packaged up some church packs incorporating a dvd with our intro video and also some leaflets and puppet badges. These can be used to display in your church or give out in events.

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Ask companies and individuals to support us financially and in prayer!

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