Mr Del Awar – School Cool Dude Teacher

Our Current Prayer List

  • Please pray for more puppeteers for our filming timetable!

  • We need more time! We could do with a Joshua experience with God holding time so we can catch up a little!  In all honesty though we have got a lot still do with vocal editing, set completion and puppeteering to ensure we are on track for this year!  Please stand with us for God to provide support to get back on track!

  • Our app designer Mark is working hard to get the early testing complete for the app on apple and android. He is more experience with android that iOS so please pray we find some support for him in this area.

  • Props! Please pray that we find the right props for the set, this is not an easy task!

Answered Prayer List

  • God has provided a place to film, big enough for the set and comfortable puppeteering and for providing flexibility with this space around some of our unexpected delays in the schedule.

  • God answered prayer with vocal artists, of which we have been so thankfull! Also when we had an amazing vocal artist drop out at the last minute, God provided last minuet stand ins and gave these people the ability to pull off what we needed!

  • We have been given amazing support on the set building, which has brought the paper design into reality!

  • One Way puppets gave us a free stand at their Festival in Rugby in October from which we were able to give out packs for churches and individuals to help promote this project!

  • As the app has to stands upto today’s TV and app standards, we did not achieve a launch of an app for Christmas 2017, Whilst we did not gather any donations due to not hitting our target, the 2017 kickstarter campaign did help us test the puppets, play with the characters and get some Christian teaching out there!